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Heal Well India Survey

A national survey on the mental health of health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the survey

The entire world is battling the global pandemic of COVID-19 since December 2019. The general population as well as the healthcare systems in India are facing an enormous amount of distress while dealing with it. The second wave of the pandemic has been overwhelming for healthcare workers in India. Health services have been expanding their capacity to respond to the crisis by taking actions such as increasing the number of beds, acquiring the necessary equipment to provide intensive therapy (ventilators), and calling retired health professionals and students to assist the overburdened healthcare community. The increase in demand in health facilities, along with concerns of getting infected with the virus put an enormous emotional burden on health workers which may lead to negative outcomes on their mental health. 

The Heal Well India Survey explores the impact of working in a health centre during the COVID-19 pandemic on workers’ mental health. It will explore the short-and medium-term effects, possible negative consequences and their magnitude, and protective factors pertaining to working as frontline healthcare workers during the hard times of pandemic.


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The survey inputs will help us develop evidence-based recommendations and will allow us to design interventions that support colleagues to better deal with similar situations in the future.

Sangath is providing free Mental Health services to frontline and healthcare workers. Call us for free tele-counselling on
011-41198666 (active all over India from 10 am- 4:30 pm every day)

Attend a virtual listening circle, a confidential space to meet and listen to each other’s experiences of dealing with COVID-19 with the aim of building solidarity and drawing strength from each other.

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