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My Wellness and COVID-19 Survey

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About the survey

India is observing the world’s largest lockdown, due to COVID-19, with large numbers of people across India being forced into isolation for significant periods of time. It remains unknown how this will affect the mental health and social well-being of individuals. Further, it is unclear why some people might experience worse mental health, and whether certain home-based activities could help reduce this. Understanding this will allow policymakers, health care, and community-based services to provide a more sensitive and evidence-based response to this unprecedented event in the 21st century.

Our study will consist of monthly online surveys, spread over a year, where we will gather information about the experiences and behaviors during social isolation and its long-term impacts. The results from our study are vital to understanding how the new social reality is affecting people’s identity and wellbeing. This study will also help us understand whether and how mental health and social wellbeing improve or worsen over time, and ways in which people can be helped to maintain good wellbeing. 

About the survey
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Your inputs helped us

Track patterns of mental health and loneliness in India since the lockdown

Understand which

groups are most at risk

Assist policymakers in providing an evidence-based response to the pandemic

Identify protective activities that people are engaging in

Sangath Surveys

Sangath Surveys

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