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If you’re interested in helping us promote the Young People's Health Survey, please share our downloadable promotional materials below with your networks and help us reach out to young people in India.

For more information on collaborating with us, please contact Soumya Singh, Research Coordinator:

Help get the message out by liking, sharing, and retweeting our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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Survey link
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Social Media Messages

Longer posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp)

1. Sangath has launched the Young People's Health Survey! This survey is open to all 18 to 24 year olds residing in India and will allow us to better understand young people's mental wellness. Your inputs are important in helping us create better youth programs, so head over to and be a part of this initiative!

2. Did you know that not only does exercise have positive physical effects on our body, it also supports our mental health? Speaking of exercise, we are interested in learning about your relationship with exercise and physical activity. Fill out our survey to help us learn more:


3. An estimated 11-31 million youth suffer from mental health problems in India and most mental illnesses have their onset before 24 years of age. Your thoughts and experiences matter in how we shape and build our youth-friendly programs to combat this challenge. Help us by taking our survey at

Shorter posts (Twitter, Instagram)

1. Sangath is launching the Young People's Health Survey to better understand how physical activity, youth mental wellness, and substance use are interrelated. If you are an 18 to 24 year old young person in India, head over to and make your voice heard! #YoungPeople'sHealthSurvey #Sangath #YoungPeople'sMentalHealth

2. Talking about mental health is a reminder that you are not alone! We want to hear how you have been doing. Your experiences will help us understand young people’s mental health and improve our youth-based programs. Help us by taking the survey at


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